Get leading DANCE INDUSTRY professional and bestselling author Chris Duncan's

10-step blueprint to GROW your dream DANCE BUSINESS as the next-level LEADER you were born to be

Are you a current dance business owner feeling STUCK, wanting to GROW YOUR BUSINESS and your

team, but feeling like you just can’t make any progress no matter how hard you work?

Do you often find yourself struggling with leading a team?

Or perhaps you’re feeling FRAZZLED, BURNT OUT and OVERWHELMED

dealing with everything that comes with being the

leader of your dance business?

Perhaps you’re an aspiring DANCE BUSINESS owner battling with negative self-beliefs

around your own ability to even BE a leader, and questioning

whether you were even meant to do this at all?

chris duncan leadership online course

I’m Chris Duncan, a professional in the Australian dance industry with over 35 years’

experience - building and scaling multiple six and seven figure businesses across the

DANCE and PERFORMING ARTS INDUSTRY. Enterprises ranging from dance studios to

an agency, event and show production, a leading national dance competition, Australia’s

largest online dance media portal and most recently, publishing my best-selling book -


Most importantly - I have been where you are.

When I first started out on my business journey, I knew that I had good ideas and a strong sense of purpose. While I lacked self-confidence, more importantly, I lacked the skills and behaviours required to effectively lead. Because of this, I struggled for a long time to lead others as effectively as I could have. I didn’t believe that I was worthy of having people treat me well and I struggled with trusting others. This caused a difficult dynamic which massively affected my ability to grow my business.

I spent years learning a wealth of skills and secrets from trusted mentors, business experts and industry connections on how to be an effective leader in my dance business. It wasn’t until I started putting these skills into practice that my DANCE BUSINESS SKYROCKETED.

Looking back, I am SO grateful to all my mentors and my trusted inner circle for equipping me with this valuable and life-changing knowledge. I couldn’t help but think how much EASIER it would be for current and aspiring dance business owners to have a done-for-you road map showing the exact steps they need to take to become the DANCEBIZ LEADERS they were born to be.


And now, I’m sharing it with you.

In this 10 step course – ‘LEADING THE WAY’ – I have packaged up the 35 years’ knowledge, experience and insights I have gained on one of the most important characteristics you must develop and MASTER as the BUSINESS OWNER of your DANCE-BIZ – LEADERSHIP.

And I’m delivering it you in 10 super actionable video lessons you can start implementing TODAY

to kickstart your journey to becoming the dance business leader you were born to be.

Avoid wasted time, energy, money and passion and

FAST-TRACK your business to SUCCESS.

In this power-packed 10 step online course, I’ll take you through every step you need to become

the Dance Business leader of your dreams including:

  • The qualities and skills you NEED to become a strong and effective leader of your dance business

  • How to identify, hire and retain SENSATIONAL talent to build your dream team

  • How to confidently create and nurture the organisational culture of your DREAMS

Many in the dance industry enter the business world ‘accidentally’ because they want to find

a way to monetise doing what they love. At first it doesn’t even seem like work. Inevitably

though, the fun-factor can fade – especially when things get tough!

I know the highs and lows of doing business in dance after a career spanning 35 years. As a

teacher, choreographer, and studio owner, then as an agent, publisher, event manager and

producer, I’ve dedicated myself to providing as many opportunities as possible for the next

generation of dancers to learn, grow and become incredible future professionals.

Now, in my 10-step, easy-to-master online course LEADING THE WAY, I’m expanding

my mentoring role to help YOU and other passionate DANCEPRENEURS create the


Ready to uncover your true leadership potential? Ready to start or grow your dream dance

business as the next-level leader you were born to be?

chris duncan online course


Leading with the Best Version of You

By the end of this lesson, you will:

Be able to demonstrate three evidence-based techniques to help you release self-limiting beliefs, AND

Articulate the qualities and behaviours required to lead as a visionary.

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Attracting the Right Staff

After completing this lesson, you will:

Be able to articulate the importance of attracting value-aligned talent into your DANCEBIZ, AND

Reference four practical ways of integrating your values into your recruitment process.

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Creating Your Ideal DanceBiz Team

By the end of this lesson, you will:

Be able to demonstrate the principles of the VERB vs. SOAR model, AND

Identify and evaluate the characteristics of each personality type in the context of your DANCEBIZ. 

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Leading, Sustaining & Growing an Effective Team

After completing this lesson, you will:

Be able to identify practical ways you can encourage and reward high-performing staff,

Reference a step-by-step method for nurturing staff moving through a difficult period, AND

Articulate the importance of establishing autonomy within your team.

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Your Dream DanceBiz Culture

After completing this lesson, you will:

Be able to demonstrate 3 practical ways you can lead to create and sustain your dream DANCEBIZ culture, AND

Articulate the impact your organisation's emotional culture can have on its staff, clients and customers.

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Practical Leadership Actions

In this short, sharp yet super important lesson, you’ll:

Learn how to implement a comprehensive practical team leadership strategy within your DANCEBIZ.

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Leading Through Challenging Times

By the end of this lesson, you will:

Be able to leverage your leadership skills and mindset to lead effectively through challenging times

Identify and implement the three pillars of crises management, AND

Reference a real-life case study example of leading effectively through a crises.

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Taking Action in Crises

By the end of this lesson, you will:

Be able to demonstrate how to map your way forward to a sustainable solution when a crises occurs,

Establish a clear set of crises communication principles, AND

Equip yourself with a solid foundation to execute your crises management plan.

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Leading Through Growth

After completing this lesson, you will:

Emerge equipped with a practical three-pillar reference strategy for leading effectively through a growth stage in your DANCEBIZ.

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Your Evolution to Entrepreneur

After completing this lesson, you will:

Be able to identify the key personal shifts you need to lead as an entrepreneur,

Utilise practical mindset tools to unlock your evolution to entrepreneur, AND

Reference six practical characteristics of actively leading as an entrepreneur.

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My bestselling book DanceBOSS has helped hundreds of dance business owners and

entrepreneurs turn their passion for dance into a wildly successful, thriving business.

If you're ready to truly step into your personal power and become the dance business leader

you were born to be, this practical online course with real-life case studies and examples

will help you get there, step by step.

Whether you're a total beginner with a dream of starting your own dance business, or an

experienced studio owner or dance industry professional, this course has everything you

need to start LEADING YOUR WAY to success today.

If you're still wondering whether this is the course for you, I totally get it. Investing in your business can feel scary, especially when you're pressed for time, finances, and all of your resources are stretched.

If you're struggling to decide on any decision around investing in yourself or your business, ask yourself:

Where will I be in a year's time if I don't? Will you be leading your DANCE BUSINESS as the BOLD, CONFIDENT LEADER you were born to be, equipped with an army of tools and strategies at your finger tips?

If the answer is no, or not without help - it's time. Let's skyrocket your success!


“Chris Duncan is a true force in the dance industry using her sharp business acumen and

passionate heart to provide incredible opportunities for young dancers. She is always searching

for new pathways to educate and inspire the next generation. She is driven and dedicated having

had great business success in making her passion reach every capital city in Australia.”

⏤ Kelley Abbey (Australian Dance Icon)

“I met Chris 15 years ago when I needed support and advice with my own dance studio, and Chris

was generous in providing it. Since then I have grown to know Chris as a person whose generosity

of spirit knows no bounds.  A passionate advocate for the dance industry, Chris works tirelessly to

support and promote the businesses and careers of all those around her.  Through her innovative

competitions she has launched many dancers, and her ‘let’s do it’ attitude and selfless support of

dance studios Australia wide has made Chris an inspiration to many dance educators. My pride

in her achievements is endless, and my gratitude to Chris boundless.”

⏤  Darren Disney (Original Tap Dog)

“Chris Duncan knows the business of dance… What Chris brings to the table that is special, is a

thorough understanding of audiences and audience building, of partnerships, of value

propositions, and of approaching markets through recognition of the real needs and desires of

dance consumers. Anyone who is presented with an opportunity to learn from her experience

would be a fool not to take it.”

⏤ Rick Tjia 

(Cirque du Soleil Casting, Choreography Online – Canada)

“I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Chris for over 8 years now, and I am always

grateful for the knowledge and sound advice she has offered. Her passion and dedication to the

dance industry is contagious and she is a compassionate leader who truly cares about the people she works with.”

⏤  Kate Ulbrick 

(Capezio Marketing & Product Manager – Australia)

“As an ever changing artist in many fields, it has been an incredible privilege to know that Chris

Duncan has provided unshakeable support for many of my crazy ideas like ‘The Movement –

Youth Contemporary Dance Program’, The Jason Winters Contemporary Syllabus – sold

exclusively through COMDANCE and The Winters Experience – Mentoring, Personal Development,

Coaching, & Yoga… and what I find truly remarkable is that Chris hasn’t offered this guidance to

just me alone, she is consistently doing the same for so many other aspiring dancers,

choreographers, teachers, and studio owners. The Dance Industry just wouldn’t be what it is today

without her!”

⏤  Jason Winters (Choreographer, Creative)

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  •  Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation
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  •  Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation
  •  At the end of the day, going forward, a new normal that has evolved

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  • Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consecetuer lorem ipsum
  •  Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation
  •  At the end of the day, going forward, a new normal that has evolved